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Accounts will be sent out via the children at the first/last lesson of each term. Fees are due within the first three weeks of each new term, payable to an Administrator, who will be found in the changing area. Cheques should be made payable to Marlborough Dance Studios Ltd

A fee of £5.00 is payable on registration �" non returnable

A deposit of £30.00 is required, in addition to the first terms fees, as a security against ½ a terms notice. 

A half terms notice at the end of the previous term is required in writing

10% discount available to families with more than one child registered for classes.

Exam fees and exam classes should be paid in advance of the exam entry being submitted to the appropriate body. Entry will only be accepted on receipt of your cheque. Exam final entry dates cannot be extended.

Moneys for theatre tickets, guest teacher’s etc. should be handed in at a normal class to secure a place at least three weeks in advance. Please put your child’s money in an envelope with their name clearly marked.


Children are able to take exams with the RAD when they reach the age of 6yrs.

When your child is eligible I will either speak or write to you to seek your permission to enter her. Details will include exam fees etc.

All exam children must attend some extra classes (usually 6 held either Friday or Saturday at a central venue) to ensure that they reach the very high standards required by the examining bodies.

Certificates are presented annually at an Open Evening at the end of the summer term in either Marlborough or Hungerford

Although I personally feel that the children enjoy and benefit greatly from the exams, I realise that for various reasons it is not always possible for the children to participate. In these circumstances the child concerned will just go up into the next class with her peers, providing she is able to keep up with the work at the next level.


Regulation kit must be worn for examinations. A list is available in the PINK FILE

For class it is preferred that the children also wear regulation kit, however if they have come from another school or already have a leotard, shoes etc., then they may wear this until they have an exam or have outgrown them.

Shoes for ballet should fit well with elastic sewn in place across the instep. Shoes will wash and if allowed to dry naturally and are stretched while drying they should not shrink too much.

Hair should be tied back for class and will need to be in buns for exams or special occasions.

Second hand kit is available at the beginning of each term for three weeks. You may use this outlet to sell outgrown kit. Please pin you name and required amount on the garment and we will refund the money less £1.00 (for scholarship fund) at the start of the following term.

New kit is also available (prices in File). Please fill in an order form and enclose payment for the appropriate amount, to fees assistant in first three weeks �" class teacher afterwards. Goods should be available by the next week.

Character shoes and skirts are required for Grade 1 upwards although not compulsory until the term prior to their exam 

Jubilee Scholarship Fund

The fund was set up in 1996 to mark 25 years of my teaching ballet! There is a committee made up of parents representing all the venues and age groups, which meet about twice a year unless there is a fund raising event looming. Most of the funds are raised through the shows that have been produced at approximately three year intervals.

The prizes and scholarships are awarded at the Open Evening in July.They are divided into three age groups, 5-7,8-11 and 12 and over. The younger age group are given 1 cup and 5 medals with a prize for all of a theatre trip or similar. The middle and older age groups are given a cup for each group and a medal for the runners up. We try to fit the children into a suitable summer school during the summer holidays either locally or at a recognised RAD course with accommodation.

The fund also pays for various events during the year, which all the children can participate in �" coach for theatre trip, guest The Pink File can be found with the fee assistant in the changing area in the first three weeks of each term. After this please see the class teacher. You should be able to find copies of all newsletters, prospectus, patterns, price lists etc.

The Timetable is subject to change at notice. GRADE 3 & OVER classes amalgamate to one venue at St John's Dance Studio, Marlborough 

Cancelled classes due to unforeseen circumstances will not be refunded. You may replace any by attending another class of similar standard at another venue during the same or following term.


No child must leave the Venue without a Parent or Guardian. They are expected to remain in the Hall until collected by this person. Please ensure your child is aware of this rule. We do not accept responsibility for their safety outside the teaching Hall. Please also make sure they have visited the loo before coming into class, not only is it disruptive to the other children but there is not always someone there to supervise them.